Patrick Callahan

Project Manager

Where’s he from: Patrick was born and raised in Atlanta, GA (although he’s been told he doesn’t have much of an accent…besides using the word “y’all”). After high school, he always pictured himself moving to a new city, but the allure of studying at Georgia Tech, starting a career, and raising a family has given him good reasons to stay! He’s seen Atlanta transform from an industrial, bland city into the vibrant, social, and eclectic capital it is today.

What he does: Patrick is a Project Manager at 4th Strand. He mostly works on product benchmarking programs for retailers and product manufacturers. His responsibilities include program tracking, proposal/protocol development, test data analysis, and compiling performance scorecard outputs.

After receiving his Masters in Civil Engineering, Patrick began his career as an engineering consultant. He had the opportunity to work on mining and construction sites ranging from the frigid NW Territories in Canada, to the desert of Arizona, to the mountains of Peru.

Patrick was drawn to 4th Strand because he enjoys the task of collecting and analyzing data, and producing something useful for clients. He loves that the job always has something new and challenging to offer, and he enjoys learning about new products/consumer goods.

What he’s into: Patrick enjoys spending time with his family through traveling, visiting local farmers markets, going on walks, and exploring around Atlanta/N. Georgia. He enjoys anything outdoors, and wishes he had more time for: skiing, hiking, camping, swimming, mountain biking, and (most of all) fishing. He loves traveling and discovering new cities, cultures, trails, parks, restaurants, food, and drink. He has also become more passionate about cooking/grilling… evolving from the easy-mac days of college, to sous-vide steaks and smoked brisket.

Pet peeves: Not signaling when changing lanes, when restaurants don’t put drink prices on their menus, and room-temperature salsa (it taste so much better cold).

You may not know: Patrick and his wife spent one summer creating and selling cocktail mixes at a local farmers’ market. He still loves making cocktails and mixers, but doesn’t have the time to sell them anymore.

E –
P – 770-558-4824.