Meredith Najewicz

Sr. Project Manager

Where she’s from: New York, no not New York City. The wonderful land in between NYC and Canada know as upstate New York. More specifically, Meredith is from Schenectady, NY, which believe it or not is the birthplace of the TV and silly putty.

What she does: Meredith’s focus with 4th Strand is to support private brand initiatives for our customers. And by initiative, she means a ‘cradle to the grave’ approach that involves learning the current market, developing a testing program that will yield informative data about product quality and transforming that data into a concise technical document that customers can use to communicate with their vendors.

Meredith graduated from Georgia Tech with a degree in Chemical Engineering with an emphasis on plastics and polymers. During college she spent much of her time interning in opportunities involving plastics, quality control and technical writing. After graduating, she joined a testing and consulting lab where she developed her knowledge of various industry testing procedures and requirements, with a focus on polymers and elastomers. Prior to coming to 4th Strand, she spent several years in the industrial plastics world performing sales and support to automotive and graphical customers.

What drives her, what she’s passionate about: Wow, driving and passion right? For Meredith, driving is her passion! Almost any weekend between February and November you won’t find her at home but at the nearest oversized parking lot partaking in autocross, otherwise known as SOLO. Sanctioned by the Sport Car Club of America, SOLO is the most accessible form of motorsports to join. However, don’t be fooled, it’s easy to start but hard to master. Meredith competes at the local, regional, and national level, including the SOLO National Championships, which is attended by over 1,200 people every year. SOLO combines her love of engineering, cars, speed and camaraderie with fellow gearheads into an addictive and fun passion.

Pet peeves: McPherson strut design. Yes, it may be silly, but her pet peeve is a poorly designed car suspension.

You may not know: Meredith’s mother complains her house smells like rubber because she stores her racing tires in the front den.

E –
P – 770-558-4838