Larry Eddy

Sr. Manager, Operations

Where he’s from: Larry is a citified country boy from the GREAT state of Ohio. He now resides just south of Cleveland, Ohio and is the sole employee in the 4th Strand Northeast office.

What he does: Larry spent 7-years on the lab side of things before making the choice to “take his talents to” 4th Strand. He likes to dig into the nitty gritty of a program to ensure 4th Strand delivers what the clients need. From the prep work to program management to data analysis, Larry says, “Bring it on”.

What he’s into: When Larry isn’t crunching data, tweaking protocols, or negotiating for better pricing he is the BIGGEST kid in his family. He enjoys spending time with his daughter, son, and wife. Summer weekends are spent at the lake on the beach or on the boat. Family first.

Pet peeves: Larry doesn’t have any.

You may not know: Larry also moonlights as the publisher for an online radio control hobby magazine,

E –
P – 770-558-4821