Chuck Thrasher

Lab Manager

Where he’s from: Chuck was born in California but grew up in Massachusetts. Although he will always consider MA home, he no longer wants the words snow or ice to be part of his daily vocabulary. He has been a resident of GA since 2007 and would never pass up an opportunity to visit New England.

What he does: Chuck works toward improving the client’s understanding of product performance and positioning within the market through testing and in depth analysis.

Chuck has worked primarily in the consumer products industry throughout his career in all phases of development and support in both Fortune 500 and Mom and Pop operations. Chuck has managed engineering and compliance test labs in the past and continues to hone his project management, development, and test skills. His numerous roles have benefited from his innovative thinking and drive, resulting in multiple patent applications and seven patents granted to date.

What he’s into: First and foremost is his family. His wife and kids are what keep him motivated. He enjoys dabbling in electronics, traveling, and is a true gear head. He has a passion for Oldsmobile’s and is an avid motorsports fan including all forms of open wheel, NASCAR, Motocross, and Superbike.

Pet peeves: People who don’t look at the bigger picture and take a little extra time to do it right the first time…and those who would question the health benefits of AH-SO Sauce.

You may not know: Believe it or not, during a moment of crisis, Chuck once had a D’Angelos Bacon Cheeseburger Sub Fedex’d to him from MA. The sub traveled well. In other news, Chuck walked away from an opportunity to work as a heavy machine mechanic in Alaska early in his career

E –
P – 770-558-4812