Allen Welch

Sr. Director-Global

Where he’s from: Allen was born in Charleston, SC. Charleston is widely acclaimed as the most religious city in the US as city ordinance requires that no building may exceed the height of the church spires. Charleston is also known as the 2nd most haunted city in the US behind Savannah, Ga.

What he does: Whatever is needed by the team except write personal bios in a timely manner.

Over the last 25 years, Allen has been involved with a wide range of business endeavors, most of which were self-employed. Through these undertakings, he has gained extensive abilities in business development, project planning, marketing, and software development, to name a few.

What he’s into: When away from the office, Allen thinks about work, talks about work and dreams about work. Kidding! He can’t make himself dream about work although he claims he’s tried.

Allen and his wife have three wonderful kids that they love to spend time with. The whole family really enjoys attending and being involved with North Point Community Church. In addition, after being a contractor for 20+ years, he always has renovation projects going on at home that keep him beyond busy.

Pet peeves: Allen cannot understand anyone who does not like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Throw in some Ruffles potato chips and man have you got one helluva meal. That is simply good eatin’ right there. Dylan, his 10 year old, could not agree any more wholeheartedly!

You may not know: More than we have room for in this forum! Consider it a large, large onion with too many layers to peel back on a one-page bio. Allen takes the high road and says that he has lived through a very broad range of experiences and has been blessed by each and every one.

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P – 770-558-4820